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What is Amnion
What value can we bring to you?
Learn all about our approach and how we can support you in increasing the value of your company
Amnion is a multidisciplinary full service provider to support you with introducing your company and/or product onto the medical market in Benelux.

We offer you a safe, flexible and cost-efficient way to enlarge your commercial footprint in Benelux.
Who is Amnion
What quality do we have to offer
At minimal cost and maximum benefit
  • No distributorships, direct sales
  • No pain no gain principle: remunerate per milestone

According to local regulations
  • GDP, social security, fiscality, procurement, ...
  • (e)Tendering

With maximal flexibility
  • You remain in charge at all times: milestones, sales process, support level, degree of commercial activity, ...

One direct contact point
  • From fully autonomous coverage (if requested)
  • To the establishment of and transfer to your commercial subsidairy
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